Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU) has been working with the Registrar office on a revamp of Students’ Representatives Election which are going to be held on the 13th November 2014. Registrar are going to organise this year’s election online through a new programme that the University has bought.

The aim of such overhaul is to increase the turn out for these elections and also to increase the awareness of the Student Representatives’ importance. Adding to this this will enable off- campus students such as Gozitan students and students who are currently on an ERASMUS+ programme to vote

The student representative have a key role to comment on the student learning experience and how the quality of the learning and teaching can be enhanced. The involvement of students in Senate, Council and Faculty Board lead to a positive changes such as the improvement of academic standards and a better student learning environment at the University. This will also give the students’ input in the decision-making framework of the University of Malta. The student representative will also have a say on the handling of academic complaints.  Moreover, they also have the possibility to bring up issues relating to policy changes in course structure and regulations with in the Education Commission meetings for discussion.

From this year the election is going to be carried out online with the aim of increasing the turn out and also the awareness of the Student Representatives’ importance.
KSU urges all students who has the needed confidence and think that they have the important characteristics for such position to apply for the available posts. Nominations forms are available on the University of Malta website which can be accessed from here.

All Nominations has to be submitted at the Office of Registrar (Room 209), Administration Building by not later than noon of Wednesday 29th October 2014.

KSU also urges the student body to take advantage of this reform and make sure that their voice is heard on who they would like to represent them on Faculty/Institute/Centre/School's Board and in KSU's Education Commission!