Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU) and the Malta Health Students’Association (MHSA) would like to express their frustration with regards to the ongoing pending employment of the Allied Health Care Professionals graduating this year, following the completion of a degree from the Faculty of Health Science, University of Malta.

The aforementioned graduates; which include Podiatrists, Speech Language Pathologists, Physiotherapists and Medical Laboratory Scientists, among others, have completed their respective Bachelor of Science courses along with the mandatory interviews five months ago. Despite this, and a number of attempts to contact the Ministry of Energy & Health, to no avail, there still has not been any definitive indication regarding the end of their pending employment and when they shall begin contributing to the health care sector.

KSU & MHSA feel very concerned by the serious lack of attention, and acknowledgement of this serious issue, primarily due to the fact that the employment of the above mentioned professionals is crucial for the continuity and sustainability of the Primary Health Care sector of Malta.

KSU & MHSA feel that these professionals have been left in the dark for far too long and both call on the respective authorities to take immediate action. It is imperative that it is stated clearly and explicitly when these professionals will be introduced to the health care sector, and start contributing to the same sector that is in dire need for their employment