KSU,together with the undersigned organisations, welcomes the regeneration of Cospicua’s historical building and the downsizing of development on ODZ land,but questions the need to develop 18,000 square metres all the same. This plan was confirmed in a press conference by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

All organisations listed below, unanimously believe that no ODZ land whatsoever should be used for this project. We believe that more effort should be done in order to relocate the 18,000 square metres that are still planned to be built on ODZ land. Allowing this area to be developed, would only result in making room for further expansions on more ODZ land in the future.

KSU’s position has remained unchanged over the past months - safeguarding virgin pristine land should be placed at the top of any government’s agenda, and this explains the continued plea for the government to find other possible locations for that part of campus which is planned to be built at Żonqor. KSU reinstates that allowing any ODZ land to be developed, even if it is 18,000 square metres,would mean that the government is failing to recognise the beauty and importance of the Maltese environment.

KSU will continue to support Front Ħarsien ODZ's cry to safeguard every square metre of what’s left of our environment and to make sure that more pressure is put on the government in order to listen to its citizens and relocate the remaining area from an ODZ to an already developed site.

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