Kunsill Studenti Junior College (KSJC) and Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU) would like to express their concern with regards to the publication of the Revision of Papers by MATSEC. Both Student Councils are worried by the fact that both Advanced Level and Ordinary Level candidates who applied for their Revision of Papers have not yet received their revised results, or any feedback, even though some of them have already sat for their supplementary examination.

KSJC and KSU understand that year after year, the MATSEC Board may come across certain unprecedented problems which lead to a delay in the process of revising the examination papers and would also like to express their gratitude to the concerned board for doing its best to provide an adequate service, despite having limited human and physical resources. The Student Councils are also satisfied by the level of detail that is given in this document. Keeping in mind that students are required to pay for such a service, KSU and KSJC urge for this to be dealt with utmost efficiency keeping students’ interest and peace of mind at heart.

The Student Councils are aware of the fact that in theory the purpose of this process is to confirm and upgrade the original mark. However, in reality, students are using this as a source of feedback about their previous sits. Although it is not stipulated in the institutional regulations, it is important to take into consideration how students have been using such a report. Students need to know how they can prepare themselves better for their resit exam.

Therefore KSJC and KSU urge the MATSEC board to tackle this issue to provide a long-term solution to this recurring problem.