KSU is thrilled to announce that the University of Malta administration has accepted our proposal to introduce condom machines at the University of Malta. The installations will be completed by next week.

We feel that our promise to provide a “fully-fledged educational campaign on sexual health at the University of Malta” (SDM Manifesto, April 2015) would never have been achieved without increasing the University of Malta’s students access to contraception through our introduction of condom machines at Student’s House. Since our term in KSU we have already worked towards achieving our main goal: that of increasing the level of education that students have about their sexual health – be it through a National Youth Debate that was held in Parliament this October, or through the continuous work of the KPS Sexual Health Subcommittee that was instituted just this year. We constantly strive towards encouraging the student body to be better educated and more aware of everything there is to offer in this regard. There are also many initiatives planned for the future, for example a trip to the GU Clinic specifically planned to coincide with World AIDS Day on the 1st of December - an invitation that was extended to include a representative of all student organisations on campus.  

The KPS meetings throughout summer and those at the beginning of the academic year, closely followed the issue of youth and sexual health, which, keeping in mind the current political landscape were focused on the lowering of the age of consent and various other related topics. While organisations often contribute to our agenda, it was the KSU Social Policy Office who placed the discussion of condom machines at the University of Malta on the agenda of the second KPS meeting. This meeting was held on the 30th of July, and the students’ Council was very pleased to find that various student organisations spoke out in favour of having condom machines on campus, and they too felt that it was a non-issue which was long overdue.

Following this aforementioned discussion, raised by KSU through the prior distributed agenda, the Council immediately contacted the Office of the Rector to set up a meeting which took place in August, where the Rector of the University gave us the go ahead, and we were advised to find the suppliers and coordinate with the university architect to ensure that no structural damage was undertaken throughout the installation. 

Our intention is to hold many more events and initiatives in conjunction with the introduction of these machines in order to promote a healthy attitude and a good level of education in this regard.

We welcome all interested organisations to collaborate with us on any future initiatives so that we can further our reach and all achieve our ultimate goal; that of more students being more aware about their health, with the climax of this being that we would contribute to the decrease of sexually transmitted infections as well as unwanted pregnancies amongst the youth of Malta, however, we truly believe that sexual health should never be used or promoted to gain electoral points.