KSU is disappointed by the news that the Government has confirmed its intention to move forward with the project to locate the 'American University of Malta' at Żonqor Point. After a common, unanimous position was reached amongst every student organisation on campus, and following the Press Release issued by KSU entitled 'KSU deplores ODZ development plans for American University of Malta', on Friday the 15th of May 2015; KSU, together with the undersigned organisations would, once again, like to reiterate the fact that no ODZ land should form part of a building site, regardless of the size.  
KSU welcomes the improved environmental consciousness of our society in recent times and the consequent outcry from citizens calling for more preservation of our limited environment. KSU holds that the inability of the government to back down only shows that it is vested in perpetuating the minimisation of untouched landscapes. This failure to recognise the beauty and importance of the Maltese environment; one which our children should be able to enjoy in the coming generations, in favour of a finite investment sum, can only be described as a short-sighted vision.
KSU calls on the Government to re-think its decision; to ensure that our environment is prioritised and that the voice of the people triumph, for the sake of our generation and those to come.
KSU is aligned to Front Ħarsien ODZ, and will continue to support this united assembly made up of different organisations and individuals who share one common goal: to safeguard our environment at all costs.