Are you wondering what your prospects are, post-University?
Are you on the lookout for a career that challenges you; a workplace that motivates you?
Or are you just eager to check out something different?

Tipico Careers has teamed up with KSU for a year's partnership to expose the employment opportunities at a company like Tipico. Now, an exciting event is coming up: The KSU Tipico Careers Business Breakfast. This is a great way to see their fresh new way of working, in an environment that inspires and challenges everyone who walks through its doors.

Tipico offers a multitude of career options across a wide spectrum of fields and will be exploring the different options at this event. Whether you have worked in marketing or have a background in financial services, are interested in human resources or study law, whether you are interested in design, or wish to pursue a career in communications, Tipico Careers are interested in you.

Apart from this, Tipico will be exploring what the perfect candidates bring to the most successful interviews, and how well thought portfolios and CVs could make or break a position for you. This will be a motivational morning where students will be invited to think about how best to approach the working world.

Share the experience, and learn about how Tipico invests in people; at the KSU Tipico Careers Business Breakfast. Everyone interested is to upload their CV hereunder. These will be passed on to Tipico Careers and a select number of spaces for the business breakfast will be offered.

Don't miss out on this great event! It's an opportunity for you to test the waters about an innovative workplace you could soon call your own!

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