Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU) in collaboration with the University of Malta's Green Travel Plan Committee and Precincts Office is pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative to promote car pooling at the University of Malta. KSU is aware that given the substantial growth in the number of students that attend University every year, there exists an ongoing parking problem on campus.

In order to alleviate such a problem, and promote car pooling as an incentive with the added value of reducing traffic congestion and air pollution, KSU is proud to announce the implementation of a pilot project that will transform Car Park 4- the area adjacent to the University quadrangle in the heart of campus- into a car pooling car park from 7am to 1pm Monday to Friday.

This car park can take a total of 35 parking spaces. Security Personnel will be stationed at the gate of this car park to check that each car contains a driver and 2 passengers, together with 2 parking permits-- one belonging to the driver's car, the other belonging to one of the passengers that has forfeited his or her car park space on campus.

This pilot project will commence on Wednesday 3rd February and will be in operation for 2 months. Data will be collected throughout this period, and a report will be written, describing such a project and will include statistics as well as feedback. The success of this project will determine whether it will be extended. KSU is hopeful that such an initiative will encourage students to car pool to University- the reward being a prominent car park area with guaranteed parking. Should this project be a success, the possibility of moving to a bigger car park reserved for car poolers is not excluded. Students can offer or ask for lifts using our car pooling application on our website www.ksu.org.mt.

KSU and the University of Malta Green Travel Committee have also been in contact with creators of the Bumalift mobile application as they seek to extend their current app to campus.

KSU believes that the benefits of car pooling are not restricted to this assigned car park area, but includes the possibility of making new friends, sharing petrol expenses and reducing traffic and parking problems. KSU invites all students to start being aware of the implications of travelling by personal vehicle and help us instil a greener mentality within our society.