KSU is satisfied that the Legal Notice 76 of 2014, which enabled the Ministry for Education and Employment to request any information related to students and their relatives, attending every educational institution in the island, was put on hold. KSU also welcomes the initiative to form a working group, including representatives from all education institutions to discuss how the mentioned legal notice can be improved.

During the past months, members of the council held continuous discussions with the relevant bodies expressing concern on the possible infringement of student data protection. KSU also put forward different proposals to address these concerns and for a more robust implementation of the goals of this legal notice.

Amongst the proposals presented by KSU there is the use of the pseudonymised data instead of using legally valid identification document numbers; a clearer identification of the scope of the legislation and of how this data will be used; the transfer of responsibility to a relevant entity where appropriate checks and balances can be put, and also the inclusion of an opt out system. The above mentioned proposals are being attached to this email. 

KSU will continue to be involved in the discussions taking place and to keep up to date with regards to the way forward, making sure that students’ data protection rights are safeguarded.