Following the announcement that the University of Malta and Junior College lecturers are following industrial action, after an agreement was not reached on the remuneration package in the new Collective Agreement, Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU)is disappointed with the announcement that the industrial action from the lecturers and academic staff has been taken. The industrial action mentions that lecturers are not to attend any scheduled meetings whilst also not publishing examination results. This, despite KSU being assured by Hon. Evarist Bartolo during a meeting held yesterday that an agreement was to be reached between MUT, UMASA, University of Malta and the Government including Ministry of Finance and Public Administration Collective Bargaining Unit (PACBU).

KSU took an active role during some of the negotiations for the new collective agreement in order to ensure that students’ rights are protected. Nonetheless as already stated earlier this week KSU takes no stand in the current dispute, and is eager for the negotiations to move forward, but would, at no point, allow for the trampling of the rights of students. Today's announcement effectively uses students in the same way KSU so sternly criticised and vouched adamantly to fight against.

Not publishing the results will affect negatively all students in particular those who have failed any examination or those who shall be following any studies abroad, those including the Erasmus+ Programme.

KSU reiterates that the education of all students should never be used as a bargaining tool. The Council urges the parties involved to reconsider this position, and looks forward to a compromise from all. KSU also urges all Student Representatives and Student Organisations to work together to safeguard the rights of all the students. The council stresses that the priority of all bodies is to remain the students and the students’ educational wellbeing.

If no resolution is found in the coming days, KSU will have no other option but to take further radical steps as deemed necessary.