On Monday 1st October, KSU held a press conference, officially launching Freshers’ Week 2018 and to introduce a number of initiatives, projects and collaborations for the coming year.

Carla Galea KSU President, introduced the theme for this year’s Freshers’ Week, “Lead the Scene”.

This year’s theme aims to encourage student activism and students to be the change they want to see. Sustainability is also going to be one of the central themes for this year’s Freshers’ Week, and will also be at the top of our agenda for the rest of the year. As part of this year’s Fresher’s Packs, KSU gave out reusable bags, reusable bottles, reusable coffee cups  as part of the ‘One Less Campaign’, as well as Aleppo Pine Tree seeds, to cut down our dependency on single-use products as well as creating environmental awareness.

Sustainable transport is another important theme this year for the council. A lot of work is being done this year to put a dent in the number of cars entering University. Collaborations with Malta Public Transport, car-sharing company GoTo, and local startup Greenroads Malta plan on tackling our car dependency and promoting a modal shift to more sustainable modes of transport.

KSU has been working with Malta Public Transport in order to introduce a Park and Ride service to and from University, and to make public transport more accessible to students. Thanks to the council’s collaboration with GoTo carpooling shall be introduced to the University of Malta once the service is launched. KSU and Greenroads Malta are working together to automate the Carpooling service offered by KSU and to improve on last year’s setup. The technology aims to facilitate the process, by matching people with similar journeys.

During the press conference, Luke, on behalf of the council presented the KSU Green Fund. This is a new initiative being introduced by KSU this year whereby a €3 “Green Contribution” is collected with every student parking issued by KSU. All the money collected will be going towards a “Green Fund” which will ultimately be tackling the University Parking problem by subsidising alternative modes of transport, such as pedelec bicycles, public transport and motorcycles, amongst others whilst also promoting environmental responsibility on Campus.

Malta Public Transport Commercial Director further elaborated on the new Park and Ride Service operating towards University, whilst Josef Micallef from Greenroads Malta, gave further details about the new carpooling initiative.

The University Rector, Prof. Alfred J Vella, followed by congratulating the council on their work and showing his support towards the council’s initiatives.