Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU) is worried and concerned with the current situation, where students of University of Malta and Junior College are being used as chess pieces and are being denied their right to receive the results of their examinations, which are a reflection of their hard work throughout the year. This is not only a worrying situation for the students themselves but also for their families.

Although KSU understands the different positions taken by all the stake holders currently involved in the Collective Agreement negotiations, it strongly believes that students should not be used as chess pieces in the discussions. Students and their families are in a vulnerable position in this situation because they are not involved in the discussions, and therefore cannot collaborate to reach an agreement but are in fact the only victims in this situation.

This is leading to:
1. Problems in the application process for students who are going on an ERASMUS+ program or who have the intention to study abroad, and may lead to the mentioned cohort losing such opportunities.
2. Other University and Junior College students being held not knowing whether they are going to be promoted to the next year in their studies.
3. In the case that one fails an examination, the delay in the publication of results will hinder the preparation for the re-sit exam. This delay will lead to a situation where that there is not enough time between the date of the publication of the revision of exam paper results and the re-sits.
4. The families of these students being kept in the dark without being aware of what is going to happen with the future of their own children.

KSU, as a representative council of University students together with the support of the Student Representatives of all Faculties and Institutions of the University of Malta and Junior College, and all student organisations  in University listed below, urge all stake holders to take a step backwards and stop making use of the students as if they were chess pieces, and retreat the industrial directive that stops the publication of the exam results.

While hoping that this situation does not repeat itself, KSU encourages that MUT, UMASA, University of Malta and the Government of Malta resume negotiations and find a solution to continue improving post-secondary and tertiary education, from which everyone will benefit.