In light of recent events and the criticism that it has garnered, students are very concerned about the rental issue which is affecting the Gozitan students. The Social Policy Office called a KPS meeting with all the student organisations to discuss the matter and come up with possible solutions agreed by all. Furthermore, Bishop Mario Grech’s announcement of the opening of two hostels, one in Gwardamangia and the other in Gzira, propagated further discourse and enquiry with the students.

The student organisations agreed that the Gozo rental issue is a pressing one, and the 500 EUR grant per three months is deemed to be very useful. However, the majority agreed that it needs to be increased since it is clearly not enough for the Gozitan students to live with.

Prior to taking such vote, this proposal steered a lot of discussion whereby a number of student organisations agreed that such sum has to be revised yearly, and it must match the current economic situation in Malta. Others suggested that stipends for Gozitan students should be raised, in order for the grant to be used solely for paying rent. Nevertheless, numerous individuals and student organisations suggested otherwise, whereby they felt that an increase in the sum is not an option since this could in turn lead to apartment owners raising their rental prices, therefore proving that it is not the long term solution.

Specialised Housing/Hostels
All student organisations agreed that offering specialised hostels and housing would be a long term solution for Gozitan students. In spite of this, some argued that the actual problem is not being tackled at large. In fact, the students agreed with the Gozitan Diocese’s decision of offering two hostels to the Gozitan students.
- However, some clarifications still had to be made. Students found themselves asking questions, such as:
- How many Gozitans will be able to have this facility provided to them?
- If you are not Catholic, will you be able to apply?
- Will there be a common kitchen?
- When will it be complete?

Additionally, some student organisations applauded the Church for the fact that despite certain constraints and limitations which will be imposed on students using its accommodation, it is still a start, which might lead other entities to follow suit. Regardless, such possible constraints are to be further explored and discussed with the Church.

The student organisations further accentuated and agreed that the government together with the University of Malta must also follow suit and intervene in this regard.
Suggestions on finding alternative accommodation in other localities which are not as central as Msida, Swatar or Gżira, were also given, since rental prices would not be as expensive. Nonetheless, there were Gozitan students who objected to this as they found that it is not a practical solution.

Money in Kind
Ideas came up relating to support being given in kind to students, in the form of food vouchers for instance. All organisations agreed with this.

Improvement of any existent Facilities
Student organisations also fully agreed that existent facilities are to be kept wellmaintained and improved even further.

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