On the 18th December 2018, KSU representatives met with the Hon. Minister Bartolo to discuss points raised by student representatives during an Education Commission meeting regarding stipends. 

On the 6th of December, KSU also met with the Permanent Secretary of the Finance Ministry, Mr Alfred Camilleri, where these points were also raised.  Minister Bartolo informed KSU that we he will be meeting up with the Finance minister on the 19th December to discuss all these arguments.

The report provides an outline of all the stipend amendments which basically add up to four main issues namely:
1. Balanced Compensation for Course Expenses
2. Prescribed Courses
3. The Regulation on the Working Hours Limitation in the Students’ Maintenance Grants Regulations (20 Hour Limit)
4. Stipends for Second Undergraduate Courses

SACES, MMSA, MADS, MAKE, and the student representatives from Linguistics and Earth Systems each compiled their respective sections of this report, credit duly goes to them for their meticulous work.

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