Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU) has just been informed that the directives from UMASA and MUT's end will be lifted with immediate effect. It is encouraging to hear of this news, although it remains disappointing that this only happened after considerable pressure was made by the council.

It has been our battle-cry that students are not to be used in the way that they have been in the course of this whole charade. The student was reduced to a mere bargaining tool in the hands of those who should be our educators. One hopes that such a situation won't repeat itself ever again. The repercussions of this deadlock in negotiations were listed by KSU numerous times, and forwarded to all stakeholders, in order to urge the lifting of the industrial action. We hope that this was done in the best interest of the students and the many opportunities they were being hindered from through such directives.

KSU remains adamant to see a timely conclusion to the negotiations, and augurs that this Collective Agreement is pursued and concluded in a way where all parties benefit. Most importantly, we reiterate that the student and the educational process should be the priority of any educational institution, and therefore look forward to a Collective Agreement that really does keep the student body and our rights in mind. We will be ensuring that our suggestions tabled in the past months are part and parcel of this Collective Agreement being concluded. KSU also reiterates it's plea to be part of the negotiations next time a Collective Agreement is discussed, and we hope that through these actions students will become active parts of their own educational process.

KSU would like to thank the 2,500 people and over, whom in just one day stood up for our cause and signed the petition we launched yesterday. We still do want our results, and therefore now that the directives have been lifted, hope it won't be long till their publication. The lifting of the industrial actions is just one step forward and one hopes that lecturers will now make it a top priority to let their students know of their academic achievements.

Finally, we reiterate our plea to work with the Unions, the Government and the University of Malta, who remain important stakeholders which we, as KSU, look forward to work closely with, in order to continue progressing our education forward.