The Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU) has a new executive board in office, with 13 different members taking care of the council's different responsibilities. As of last April's election result, the start of June ushered in a new team elected via the Studenti Demokristjani Maltin (SDM), under the leadership of new President Gayle Lynn Callus.

The council's work during the year includes keeping up with the annual events calendar already established for KSU, as well revamping spheres like the Social Policy office's structure and an overhaul of the way Fresher's Week is organised. The administration team behind this coordination is headed by Callus, closely followed by Vice President Mark Grech, Secretary General Kenneth Terribile, Financial Officer Alistair Baldacchino and Public Relations Officer Andrew Borg Wirth.

The dynamic team offers experience from individuals who pursue very different courses at the University and whose background in student representation is varied. Social Policy Co-Ordinator Andrew Muscat and Education Co-Ordinator Francienne Muscat will be joined by the commissioners Rebecca Micallef and Ryan Falzon respectively, which were elected via the commission arm of the council, and therefore elected by student organisations rather than by the student body at large. Incumbent Becky Camilleri and medical student Steve Sammut Alessi will be overtaking the council's Culture & Entertainment portfolio, whilst Steph Dalli and Daniel Vella will be co-ordinating the International Office.

The team is looking forward to a year of hard work, closely engaging with the student body at large. KSU is the oldest national student union in Europe, established in 1901.

Whilst thanking the previous executive for their hard work in the past year and close attention during the hand over period, the new executive is eager to collaborate with other entities and bodies, and therefore invites any interested parties to get in touch. Being the highest element of student representation on the island, KSU feels a great responsibility to represent and be represented in National fora and the discussion of issues, particularly those having an effect on students.

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