Harley is a 23 year old student currently reading for an B.A in Social Policy.
Since a very young age, Harley has been exposed to the arts, and at this point in her life, she considers them to be an integral part of herself. After years of training at Masquerade Theatre Arts School she obtained various qualifications related to musical theatre, and throughout the years has taken part in productions with different companies.

Upon entering University, Harley's number one priority apart from academia was to take part in Students' Fest, which at the time was Sister Act. This was the first taster she had in student activism, and from then on she never looked back. The following year, Harley was selected as Acting Co-Ordinator for Students' Fest 2017, Sai Mulan. This role gave her more than she bargained for: she found a community.

Despite not being in any organisations, Harley has always been active both in and out of University, especially in the areas of voluntary work and theatre. Over the years, she has accumulated skills that she feels can give something new to KSU. It is with this perspective in mind that she has taken on the role of Culture and Entertainment Officer, and hopes to see more students engaging in events around campus. No one leaves University and remembers the days spent at the library, and this is the goal of the Culture Office this year: to give students a new take on what is means to be a student.
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