Gillian is a 21 year old student currently reading for an. M.A. in Archaeological Practice at the University of Malta, having already graduated with a B.A. in Archaeology (Honours).

Gillian discovered her passion for education when she took on the position of Student Representative on the Faculty Board of Arts, a position which she occupied for two years and which allowed her to help students solve educational issues and make sure that the student voice was a priority in decisions taken on a Faculty level. During this time she also developed a close relationship with the Education Office of KSU, joining several subcommittees. She currently occupies the position of Board of Studies Representative for the M.A. in Archaeological Practice.

She was also active within the Arts Students’ Association, serving firstly as Secretary General for one term then as President of the organisation. This experience allowed her to form a closer relationship with students.
Having spent a number of years as an active student, Gillian believes she has learned the important skills of leadership, teamwork and responsibility which are necessary to take on the role of Education Coordinator in KSU. She is dedicated to making sure that all students are given the opportunity to have a say in their own education and feel empowered to make a difference.
Besides education, Gillian enjoys drawing, cultural trips and reading in her free time.

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