Jean Claude is a 23-year old student currently reading for a Doctor in Medicine & Surgery. As an advocate of student activism, he is a strong believer in the ability of the students' voice to discuss sensitive issues, push forward debate and bring about change!

Throughout his years at University he has been involved in the Malta Medical Students Association (MMSA) as well as the International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA), and co-founded the refreshed Malta Heart Foundation. Being able to speak to students , raise issues on a local and international level, debate current affairs and work with many inspirational people has led Jean to continue on this journey and now to ultimately work for all students in his role as Education Commissioner within KSU for the year 2018-2019.

Jean Claude firmly believes in the potential the Education Commission has in bringing students together to tackle the problems we face today as well as future issues.

This is to be done by putting the commission in the focus of all to do with tertiary education at a national level, engage secondary and postsecondary institutions as well as academic and non academic staff to create a powerful working group of stakeholders, with the ambition, creativity and will to improve the education system nationally top down with a student-centred approach. Continuing on the strong foundations laid in the previous year, Jean Claude wants to work within a team to be there for the student, to represent all students and to strive towards inspiring a new generation of students to take up activism as a tool for change.

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