Joseph Teuma (born 1 March 1996) is currently in his third year of studies reading for a Bachelors of Commerce Degree. As an individual, he enjoys learning and is always up for new experiences.  Joseph is also interested in travelling, history and reading.

Joseph believes that student organisations play a vital role in the lives of students and thus aims to push forward student activism.  Being Gozitan he has worked alongside the Gozo University Group as well as helped in organising and promoting a variety of social events.

While studying Accounting and Insurance as well as pursuing an internship with an audit firm, Joseph trusts that as a Financial Officer he can put what he has learnt into practice.  Aware of the challenge such a role imposes, he is confident that through hard work and dedication he will be able to prioritise his office and the students he represents.

Serving for the second year as Financial Officer Joseph aims to build on last year's work and provide the council with the consistency to achieve further growth and returns on its activities.
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