Carla is enrolled at the Univeristy of Malta and is reading a Bachelor of Laws degree.

Over the past couple of years, she has come to believe that University life is not just about , theory or the acadmic achievements, but rather it offers so many other opportunities for each and every student, which when partaken in for the rights reasons, allow the student to develop various lifelong attributes and skills.

Outside University, Carla, together with a couple of other University students, is the founder of a Foundation, set up with the aim of improving Gozo’s accessibility.  Over the  past months, this organisation has garnered popularity even on a National Scale, which whilst keeping her busy, has enabled her to partake in experiences varying from giving speeches, debating, as well as advocating for better accessibility for the island.

She was a member of two law student organisations at University and has participated in the KSU Debate Society League twice in a row as well as other events, such as Freshers’ Week, Campus Fest and the Careers and Research Expo.   Carla also enjoys the arts, playing the piano and loves horseback riding.

As Secretary General, Carla aims to build on the already solid foundations which the previous KSU executive has set, as well as focusing on emphasising transparency, and communication with the University Administration as well as keeping in constant contact with students.
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