Steve is third year student studying European studies with Communications.

Ever since entering Junior College in 2011, Steve has always showed a great interest in student politics. He was an active member of SDM and was also elected in the Junior College Council (KSJC) in 2012, serving as Secretary General. He remained involved in the committee as an SDM executive for another two years, in both Junior College and University. Steve served as Culture Coordinator in KSU for the year 2016-2017.

Besides student activism, Steve always tries to keep himself occupied. He is very fond of nature and the environment especially on a local level, and shows a special interest in bird watching and cycling. Steve is also keen on photography and filming, having work experience with the Times of Malta and a number of freelance projects.

Now in his second term in KSU, Steve will be occupying the role of KSU Vice President. Steve's job wll be organizing upcoming Freshers Week 2017, take care of the council's sponsors and work on a number of initiatives with the rest of the team.
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