Gabriella Sutton is a 21-year-old student currently in her final year reading for a degree in Applied Biomedical Science.

Her passion for student activism started when she was appointed Campaign Coordinator within the Marketing subcommittee of AIESEC Malta, which subsequently lead her to occupy the role of External Relations Manager. Gabriella then became part of the Malta Health Students’ Association as International Officer and later on, as Secretary General. She is also a student representative for the Faculty of Health Sciences and has engaged in a number of subcommittees falling under the Education Commission.  

On a personal note, Gabriella is an avid public speaker, who enjoys dabbling into different areas, particularly in International Relations, by participating in a number of political simulations organised both locally and abroad.

She firmly believes that the Social Policy Office is the best platform for student organisations, and throughout her term endeavours to act as a pillar of support through the numerous policies and initiatives stemming from this office. Furthermore, she aims to empower the student population to act on pressing issues directly affecting them, overcoming any challenge or obstacle coming their way.
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