Petra is a 22 year old student currently in her final year reading for a Master in Accountancy at the University of Malta, having already graduated with a in Accountancy and Insurance.

Petra has always been involved in various extra-curricular activities from a young age. She fostered a passion for student activism back in her sixth form years and this continued onto university.

Petra first joined ASCS by forming part of the subcommittees and later on became part of executive team by serving as International Officer and subsequently as Financial Controller. Aside from working on the international aspect of the organisation as well as keeping the finances in check, Petra was involved in many other aspects of the association whereby she always strived to place the studentsʼ interests at the forefront.

Having formed part of one of the largest faculty-based organisations on campus for the past few years, Petra has the right skills set to be able to take on such a role. Amongst the many objectives which she strives to attain, Petraʼs main aim is to give importance to the student organisations and to work hand in hand with them.

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