One of the best experiences you can get and one of the easiest to get access to, is an Erasmus+ traineeship. If you are a student at the University of Malta, you are eligible to go on traineeships abroad. Erasmus+ traineeships enable you to spend between 2 to 12 months abroad! You can also go on a traineeship within a maximum of one year after your graduation. Students are awarded Erasmus+ EU grants to help cover travel and subsistence costs incurred during the traineeship.

Finding and landing a job abroad might seem daunting but this programme really spoon-feeds interested students. All you have to do is choose a destination and the institute where you want to carry out the traineeship. You would then need to fill up a brief application form at the University of Malta International Office. Selection procedures are similar to those of Erasmus+ Mobility Studies.

Receiving entities can include Universities, enterprises, training centres, research centres, private companies, public institutions, organisations etc. The possibilities are endless. The UoM International Office provides an extensive list of opportunities available but you can also look for opportunities independently. In addition to contacting entities yourself, you can also go through the internships available on .

You can choose to go on traineeships to obtain experience related to the course you are following. Should you want to carry out a traineeship with a specific entity that is not yet provided by the International Office, you can contact and secure the traineeship yourself. If you are accepted, you would then be able to apply for funding through the Erasmus+ traineeship programme at the UoM International Office.

What is really fascinating is that you are not restricted to carry out a traineeship related solely to your course. If, for example, you are following a science course but want to obtain experience in marketing, you would still be eligible for a funded traineeship should the receiving entity accept your application.

It is a common misconception that Erasmus+ opportunities for medicine or FEMA students are limited. This is partly true as Mobility Studies are not as common as in other courses. Despite this, all students can make full use of the Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Traineeships. If certain traineeships are not provided, you can easily contact Universities, hospitals or companies yourself. Once you get accepted, getting funding from the Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Traineeships is a walk in the park.

Obtaining a traineeship has never been easier! Not only will you obtain work experience abroad, but you will also receive grants to cover travel and subsistence costs. Acquiring work experience in your field, abroad, can boost your career progression. Get a taste of what is it like to live and work abroad and expose yourself to new and different work environments. So what are you waiting for?

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