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This is your opportunity to Speak Up and make yourself heard, whilst making the best out of your time at university. With a variety of topics being discussed along the year, rest assured that there will definitely be something of interest to every student. Speak Up! offers you the opportunity to join of the Social Policy Commission’s various committees, where your opinions and actions will be transformed into tangible events, policies, consultation sessions and other mechanisms for change.

Anyone is welcome to participate, and we encourage everyone to use this portal in order to take part in a more active university life and instigate change.

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Green Campus Committee
The Green Campus Committee will focus on water scarcity this year. It is a statute-mandated committee in order for KSU to keep on top of all environmental issues that may arise throughout the year. Generally, it takes a very proactive role in determining the environmental policy of the UoM students

Health & Wellbeing Committee
This committee is a general forum for interaction regarding the health and wellbeing both of students as well as for society at large. It aims to discuss various topics, such as healthy eating, the incorporation of exercise within one’s daily routine, amongst others. Mental health will be at the forefront of this committee's agenda for the upcoming academic year.

Sexual Health Committee
This is an innovative and absolutely necessary committee which will ensure the reform of the current policy on sexual health and sexual education. Being one of the topics that is currently being vigorously discussed, this committee will be taking a proactive approach to the issues at hand.

Budget ’16 Committee
The Budget committee aims to offer an insight into the annual budget as well as explain those points which are relevant to the student population. This committee also heads new initiatives such as the financial officers handbook and corresponding workshops.

Transport/Parking/Accessibility Committee
The Transport, parking and accessibility committee is in place to ensure that something as crucial as our daily routine and access to university is safeguarded, and to continue to implement further methods and explore new avenues by which everyone can access university easily and practically.

Migration Subcomm Committee
The migration committee aims to promote tolerance and ensure that no individual is dscriminated against. Throughout this year, this subcommittee will focus mainly on looking into the various ways with which to tackle xenophobia and racial bias, amongst other topics.
Equal Opportunities Committee
The Equal Opportunities committee will continue to work upon the inequalities that exist within our society, and the ways in which we can change them proactively, for the better. LGBT rights and the pay gap that currently exists amongst graduates, will be at the center of discussion for this committee.

Commission business Committee
This committee is a new and innovative addition to the KPS committees. It’s main purpose is to ensure that whatever is done by the students does not end up being forgotten and not followed up. In fact, the scope of such a committee is to act as a safety net, collecting information about all activities performed by the various student organisations and subcommittees, and following them up. A report will be drawn up at the end of the year detailing that which has been achieved through these initiatives.

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