The Gozo Liaison Officer’s main aim is to make sure that there is a continuous and direct contact between the KSU Executive and the representatives of the Gozo University Group (GUG). The Gozo Liaison Officer shall be the President of GUG ex-officio. GUG is a senate recognised student organisation which represents Gozitan Students which make up around 10% of the student body at the University of Malta.

KSU Representatives and the Gozo Liaison Officer shall meet on a regular basis to discuss issues and challenges which Gozitan Students face when they are studying at the University of Malta. This will ensure that the Council is aware of the particular issues which are related directly to Gozitan students and that it is able to assist GUG in any of their initiatives to better the academic experience of Gozitan Students, both at the University of Malta Main Campus and at the Gozo Campus.

The Gozo Liaison Officer is also a member of the Education Commission. He/She is to attend the Education Commission’s meetings and shall also have the right to vote.

The Gozo Liaison Officer’s post was created in the KSU AGM of March 2012. It then became part of the KSU statute in the KSU AGM in April 2013.

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Luggage Room

Through collaboration between KSU and GUG, the Ministry for Gozo donated 16 luggage lockers which were placed in the GUG's Locker Room, for use by Gozitan students while they attend lectures. Smaller lockers and shelves are also available for students to store their valuables in case the other lockers are all being used.

On the Map below students can find the directions to arrive at the locker room which is located near the bus stop terminal in front of Gateway. This room is also surveilled by security cameras.

In case a key is lost, kindly refer to the KSU office in Students House. A copy of the key will be provided at a cost.