The Arts Students' Association acts as a representative within the University of Malta to provide a platform of expression to its members. ASA promotes the contemporary relevance of the Arts and the Humanities in all spheres and endeavours to instil a culture of participation in all its members whilst developing communication and cooperation skills between all its members. The association primarily works to develop links with other societies especially those that are student based.

All those students registered within the Faculty of the Arts shall be automatically considered as ASA members, including those students following a course provided by the Faculty of Arts as secondary or subsidiary areas are automatic associate members of ASA for the duration of their course serviced by the UoM Arts Faculty.

ASA is independent and autonomous from any civil or religious body, political party, commercial institution, or any other organisation or association. It is a non-profit making organisation which depends on the voluntary commitment of a group of students that have particular interest in The Arts and its promotion thanks to their active role on campus while obviously pursuing their studies.