MKSA is a student association based at the University of Malta for students within the Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences, which aims to enhance student networking. It also strives to introduce various faculties to different facets of media and communications.

MKSA encourages participation among its members in all its activities and offers them help while studying at university and beyond. To this end, various academic and socio-cultural events are organised both on-campus and off-campus. The organisation is made up entirely of current University of Malta students who are actively involved in ensuring the well-being of fellow students during their journey through academic life.

MKSA provides a channel through which students can voice their concerns, express their opinions and showcase their talents for the benefit of other students, academics and professionals locally and internationally.

MKSA strives to provide a visible reference point for students past, present and future to develop their career in the communications field and related areas. It maintains contact with its members by any communications medium necessary to ensure they are kept updated about the changing environment they study or work in.

MKSA is a not-for-profit association which is autonomous and independent free from religious, political, commercial or other group attachments.

President: David Mallia