S-Cubed, the Science Students’ Society represents all science students at the University of Malta and its institutions. Its main aim is to unite science students through educational and social activities which are organised throughout the year. S-Cubed also works to encourage the development of an environment more conducive to the advancement of science and to extend its reach outside University to popularise science.
S-Cubed has an executive of science students from different courses within the Faculty that work voluntarily throughout the year to organise activities that will enrich students’ experience on campus. Among these are the Annual Seminar, a weekend stay at a hotel with many different activities; On The Trail, a camping event and the Annual Science Gathering, where lecturers and students get to mingle in an informal setting.
Leisure is not the only focus of S-Cubed. The Social Policy Office organises an Annual Science Conference, giving students a detailed account on the research going on in the Faculty. S-Cubed is highly involved in science communication, which is done through various events and initiatives throughout the year, such as Science in the City, CineXjenza and Speedy Science. It also aims to enhance the academic aspect of the students by setting up various workshops, site visits and making students aware of available opportunities. The International Office also organises various trips abroad, including the Annual Trip to CERN, an Educational Biology Trip and a Leisure Trip. Last year, the organisation also set up the R-Cubed (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) Campaign, which aims to reduce waste both at the University campus and outside it.
President: Yacopo Baldacchino
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: scubed.org.mt
Facebook: Scubed