The Malta Medical Students’ Association (l-Għaqda tal-Istudenti tal-Mediċina ta’ Malta) represents all medical studentsat the University of Malta (UoM) since 1951. The Malta Medical Students’ Association (MMSA) aims to enhance the medical student life through promoting active participation in the academic system, international exchanges and training in various fields of the public health sector. MMSA also aims at empowering society to become functionally involved in holistic health decision making.

MMSA is governed by 2 bodies: the Executive Board (EB) and the General Meeting (GM). The GM, made up from all attending medical students, is the highest authority in the MMSA and is the body which amends the statute and bylaws of the Association. The members elect the EB via an annual election.

MMSA is composed of various Standing Committees (SCs) in order to ensure specificity to issue targeting.

President: Miguel Fenech
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Facebook: MMSA