The KSJC (Kunsill Studenti Junior College) is your students’ Council whose main aim is to voice students’ issues and concerns. The Council is responsible of addressing all issues affecting Junior College students. We offer a number of services to the students at the College such as office booking, lockers, second-hand books facility, hiring of projector, job opportunities and more. Furthermore the KSJC is the main coordinator of organisations within the College. On the other hand we invest our resources in essential projects within the College which benefit all students. The KSJC has been responsible of building projects in the JC such as il- Pjazza, Study Garden, seating at the 5-A-side football pitch, hundreds of lockers, etc. The KSJC consists of 7 board members that are elected by students themselves in an election held every year. As a matter of fact the Council works on the promises voted upon by the students in these elections. The roles of the board members are defined by the Council’s statute which makes it autonomous and free from any political attachments. We are your representatives as Junior College students on a national and international basis. Moreover, KSJC is also part of the KSU’s Social Policy Commission where Junior College students are represented among the large number of University student organisations.

President: Isaak Koroma
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Facebook: KSJC