Betapsi is a non-governmental organisation that represents sixth-form and University psychology students. The organisation is made up of students who are building a vast repertoire of knowledge in psychology and who are willing to disseminate their expertise to anyone who is willing to listen. Whether it is a motivated and fresh first-year who has entered University with the determination to leave an impact, an understanding and knowledgeable second-year who wishes to spice up their studies by being of help to others or a dedicated and expert third-year who is insistent on making the most of their University experience, Betapsi always strives to have far-reaching effects.

Betapsi does not merely target psychology students but rather aims to infiltrate the whole student body as well as the Maltese population. This is because psychology is not only a subject that can be studied in depth by people who wish to pursue a related career but it also incorporates knowledge which infiltrates into every other subject as it teaches one the basics of living and is useful in career paths which, on the surface, do not seem to be related, such as business.

The organization aims to equip students with psychological knowledge by means of educational events prepared by the Educational Officer, works on making our knowledge more extensive and increasing the impact we strive to make by doing research and making our voice heard on a governmental level, if need be, by means of the Social Policy Commissioner and to improve our skills by keeping in touch with local professionals, in the hands of the External Relations Officer. Moreover, Betapsi also expands the students’ boundaries by organising student trips and exchanges which serve both educational as well as leisure purposes, by means of the International Officer in relation to EFPSA (European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations) and organizes leisure events which allow students to build relationships with each other in a laid-back context, by means of the Leisure Officer. None of this would be possible however, if not for the Finance Officer who takes care of all financial business and ensures that the organization strives well, the Public Relations Officer who maintains the organization’s profile, the Secretary General who ensures that the organization remains up-to-date with events and information disseminated by other professionals and the President and Vice-President who, together, maintain order and assign duties to all the members.

Betapsi also collaborates with other University organizations and professionals such as the Willingness team in order to create fun and interesting debates, conferences and events which serve to educate and entertain all students.
President: Katrina Farrugia

President: Katrina Farrugia
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