Following the success of last year’s KSU Transport Fund, the Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU) in conjunction with Malta Public Transport are very pleased to announce the launch of the KSU Transport Fund for 2017. The fund is composed of €10,000 which serves the role of incentivising and strengthening the use of public transport as an alternative means of transport to and from University Campus, rather than the use of private cars.

This €10,000 fund is part of the holistic vision KSU has adopted for the future of transport at the University of Malta, aimed at not only encouraging those that come by bus to continue to do so, but primarily to incentivise those students that come by car to opt for an alternative means of transport. KSU also deals with the current parking problem on campus through initiatives such as the revamped carpooling system and the soon-to-be-launched Two Wheel Fund amongst others. The council believes that through such incentives, a change in mentality can indeed occur.

Through this sponsorship, Malta Public Transport believes that it is not only users who will benefit, but also the public in general, who will experience decreased levels of congestion. Based on the feedback received last year, students will now be eligible to a 50% discount applicable over 3 months of travel. The maximum a student can be charged on their tallinja card in a month, is €21.

Keeping this in mind, all students who (a) agree to have their parking permit revoked for the duration of three months or (b) do not currently hold a KSU parking permit and agree not to apply for one within the next three months will be eligible for this scheme. Malta Public transport will then be topping up the tallinja card of each student who makes use of this fund, with €10.50 every month for 3 months. It is therefore imperative for each applicant to be in possession of a tallinja card.

Benefiting from this fund is simple, students already in possession of a tallinja card can simply apply through the KSU website. Only when the permit has been revoked will students' details be forwarded for processing. KSU & Malta Public Transport encourage students to take up this opportunity and benefit from a 50% reduction on public transport cost.
The fund, which is capped at €10,000, will operate on a first come first served basis.

Furthermore, the council will also be launching a feedback system, should commuters wish to voice their concerns on a particular route. Such comments can be passed on through the application itself or may be emailed directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Through this approach, both KSU & Malta Public Transport feel that students’ interests will be adequately safeguarded at all times.