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Parking Permit FAQs:

Why am I paying €3 to get my KSU parking permit?
A €3 Green Contribution will be collected by KSU when issuing your parking permit. The money collected will go towards a “Green Fund”, which will be used to invest in alternative modes of transport and sustainable initiatives.  

Will I have to pay €3 every time I park on University grounds?
No. The €3 payment will be collected as a one-time “Green Contribution”.  It is not a parking fee as parking on campus will remain free of charge. 

What will the money collected be used for?
The €3 “Green Contribution” will go towards a “Green Fund” which will be accessible by all University students.  This means that money will be reinvested in University students via projects aimed at improving the mobility situation on campus as well as other sustainable and environmental initiatives. 

How will I benefit directly from this Fund?
All University students will be eligible to benefit from this fund.  The money from this fund will be going towards projects and initiatives such as subsidies on pedelec bikes and normal bikes (over and above those currently offered by the Government), subsidies on motorbikes, improving the carpooling service, working on a park & ride service. Student initiatives and projects will also be able to benefit from the fund.
The appointed board will be free to decide on any alternative projects which can benefit from this fund.

Who will administer the funds?
A board will be appointed to administer the funds and shall consist of the following: two KSU representatives, a representative from the Rector’s office, a member from the university administration, an independent member who cannot be a beneficiary of the fund and two student representatives. The board will be appointed once the fund will be made available to students.

How can I be sure that the money collected from students is going towards the Green Fund?
The money will be deposited in a separate account, and as with all other KSU financial accounts, you will be free to ask for a bank statement and view the account balance. Throughout this academic year, details on the expenditure will be made public.

Will the Green Fund solve the parking problem on Campus?
Maybe. This is not meant to be a year long project, rather a long-term solution to a problem which has been a long time coming. The parking and mobility problem on Campus has been growing over a long time, and it would be unreasonable to expect to find an immediate long-term solution. Together with other KSU initiatives tackling transport to and from University, we believe that this will further alleviate the situation on Campus by directly affecting students and the way we travel.

Why won’t KSU be spending its own money on these projects?
It has always been KSU’s policy to promote student awareness on the most pressing issues and it is not KSU’s intention to burden students with this payment. KSU already heavily invests in students and projects which aim to improve life on Campus.  In fact, €63,000 were issued in funds last year for any student to benefit from. KSU is an independent, autonomous, voluntary and non-profit  organisation and the money for these funds and other KSU initiatives is generated solely through KSU’s corporate sponsorships and fundraising events. Apart from the generation of funds, this initiative will further promote environmental awareness and a modal shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

What shall I do if I don’t always use the same car to come to university?
You can apply for a second permit, by adding a second number plate on your myKSU account and visit our office to collect your secondary permit. This service comes against a 20 euro fee. If caught abusing of the system, the second permit shall be deactivated with immediate effect and the person would not be allowed to re-apply for the second permit.

What shall I do if my car is at the mechanic or I am unable to use it for a few days?
You can apply for a temporary parking permit, by visiting our office  in the morning, and we would be able to issue it for you. While having a temporary parking permit, your original permit will be deactivated. After use of the temporary permit you are kindly requested return the temporary permit to our office and we would be able to activate your original permit once again.

What shall I do if I lose my parking permit?
If a parking permit is lost, you are requested to visit our office and we would be able to issue a new permit against a 10 euro charge. If your lost permit is found, it will no longer be active for use.

How long is the permit valid for?
The permit is valid for 1 year. A year is an academic one therefore between the month of October of that year and September of the following one. Once the permit expires, one must reapply for another one through myKSU.

Is there a particular period of time during which I must apply for the permit?
No, there is no specific period. The application forms will remain open all through the year.

Can all students apply for the parking permit?
Yes, all students can apply, whether they are full time or part time.

Parking System Abuse
Parking on Campus is limited, and KSU is going to do its utmost to assure that all parking areas reserved for students are monitored and utilised by students only. Having said this, you can also play a part! If you see a vehicle parked in the students’ parking area without a permit, send all the details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..