The Education Office ensures constant student representation in discussions to enhance their academic experience. Throughout its work, the office is always available for students to support them with any problems, concerns or simply to clarify any issue which they might have. This can be done through the Academic Complaints system which is open all year round.

The office seeks to voice the opinion of the students and put forward their concerns with the relevant bodies. Strong relationships are kept with the Rectorate, the Registrar's office, Faculties' Deans, Library administration and other national entities which are involved with education. In the previous years, the KSU Education Office, together with the University of Malta developed the Students’ Charter. This document outlines the unique relationship between the University and its students as equal stakeholders in higher education..

A number of events are organised by the Education Office to ensure that the students voice is heard more in the implementation of education policies. These include the Student Representatives' Election and the promotion of the APQRU Study-Unit Feedback Forms. Other events of academic interest are the Extended Library Hours Scheme, various training sessions, and also the Graduation Speeches Selection.

As a communication channel with all the students the Education office also make use of its own blog.  Moreover a number of relevant info-graphics are published throughout the year to ensure that all the students are informed about the services provided.

The Education Commission (KE) is a body within the education office, comprised of Student Representatives who regularly meet to discuss educational matters and together draft policy on important educational aspects, such as KSU's stand on academic issues.  Adding to this the Education office will continue to work to hold regular meetings with the Education Officers of the student organisations.

The Education office also keeps constant contact with the Student Representatives, as they are central for the provision of an efficient service to the student in need. The office will continue to meet regularly with each representative and tackle faculty specific problems.

Who are my Student Representatives?
The Student Representatives are the front-line representatives of all a student, within the respective Faculty, Institute or Centre. They are students who showed initiative and determination to work for the students' needs. These are elected to voice the views of students for the undergraduate or postgraduate programmes and act as a channel of communication between staff and students.

Student representatives are directly elected from the students’ body of the Faculty, Institute or Centre they are to represent. There are also student representatives on the University Senate and Council, who are elected from amongst the whole student body of the University. Each student representative has a term of office of two years.

Student Representatives also regularly attend board meetings and participate in the decision making process. Moreover, they attend the Education Commission meeting where they can discuss Education policies.

We are looking forward to work with every student and so we invite you to contact us should you require anything or any clarification.

Jean Claude Scicluna | Naomi Attard