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The President - Carla Galea

Carla is a 22 year-old currently reading for a law degree. Throughout the past year she has served as the KSU Secretary General, and got elected along with the rest of the team, as President of KSU for the term 2018/2019.

Holding the role of Secretary General within the Council has enabled her to get a good insight as to how KSU works, since the role involves constant communication with the whole team. Having been elected as a student representative on the University of Malta Council, has enabled her to bridge the gap further between KSU and the University administration.

Her vision for this year is that the Council truly serves the purpose of being the studentsʼ voice, whilst continuing to build upon the solid foundations that the previous administration has set. KSU has always been and will always be there for every student it represents.

From her first University year, she has always strived to be active withindifferent student organisations, as well as participating in their events as much as possible. Outside University, Carla was also one of the founders of an organisation which garnered popularity on a National scale. Such, enabled her to partake in varying experiences which provided a lot of exposure, and necessary experience in public speaking and debating.

On a personal level, Carla is a very down to earth person, always willing to help wherever needed. She enjoys the outdoors and spending time with friends and family. She keenly believes in constant improvement, communication and change, which will be principles used throughout this whole year within the Council.

The Administration

Vice President

Luke Abela

Secretary General

William Farrugia

Financial officer

Eman Haber

Public Relations Officer

Joseph Farrugia

International Office - Education Office

International Officer

Karin Cassar

International Co-Ordinator

Clint Vassallo

Education Commissioner

Jean Claude Scicluna

Education Coordinator

Naomi Attard

Culture & Entertainment Office - Social Policy Commission

Culture & Entertainment Officer

Mathew John Dougall

Culture & Entertainment Coordinator

Celine Bartolo

Social Policy Commissioner

Petra Grech

Social Policy Coordinator

Christian Aquilina