The student representatives are your main link to the university administration on most academic issues. The main role of student representatives is to represent the students in board meetings of senate, council, faculties, institutes or centres. Each board has two student representatives. They are also invited to the KSU Education Commission (known as KE – Kummissjoni Edukazzjoni) to discuss education policy together. This commission gives KSU its position on education issues and provides another link for the students with KSU. 

It is ideal to familiarize yourself with your student reps and keep their contact details handy so that when in need, you can contact them immediately.

This is the list of representatives on the University Council, Senate, Faculties, and the main institutes and centres:

Clayton Axisa
Andrew Muscat
Francienne Muscat (PG)
Michael Piccinino
Dirk Urpani (PG)

Ryan Falzon
Manuel Xuereb (PG)
Gayle Lynn Callus

Faculty of Arts   
Nico Muscat
Gillian Asciak

Faculty for the Built Environment 
Maria Katrina Azzopardi
Duncan Muscat (PG)
Tracey Sammut

Faculty of Dental Surgery   
Chantelle Abela
Brenda Lee Cutajar (PG)

Faculty of Economics Management and Accountancy (FEMA)   
Denise Balzan
Luke Young

Faculty of Education   
Monique Dimech Genius
Stuart Vella Bonello
Rita Catherine Mangion Bianco (PG)

Faculty of Engineering   
Rachel Cauchi
Karl Galea
Kenneth Hili (PG)

Faculty of Health Sciences   
Matthew Bonello
Martina Miggiani

Faculty of ICT   
Nicholas Karl Buttigieg
Bernine Caruana

Faculty of Laws   
Patrick Gatt
Robert Dingli(PG)
Francesco Refalo

Faculty of Media & Knowledge Sciences
Martha Marie Bartolo
George Zamit Montebello

Faculty of Medicine and Surgery   
Rebecca Stoner
Alexander Clayman

Faculty of Science   
Thomas Bajada
Martina Cutajar
Julian Bonello(PG)

Faculty for Social Wellbeing   
Dalton Mangion
Marya Camenzuli (PG)
Valeriya Bonkova

Faculty of the Built Environment   
Martha Marie Bartolo
Felic Micallef
Duncan Muscat (PG) 

Faculty of Theology   
Joshua Cortis

Institute of Earth Systems   
Nathan Adams
Samiro Bartolo

Institute of European Studies   
Julia Aqulina
Martina Micallef

Institute of Tourism, Travel and Culture   
Christopher Mallia

Institute for Sustainable Energy   
Christian Cordina
Omar Shamala

International Institute for Baroque Studies
Anthony David Brincat
Meverick Spiteri

Institute of Digital Games
Luke Mark Aquilina
Jean Luc Portelli

Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy
Deandra Cutajar

Institute of Physical Education & Sports
Robert Micallef

Centre for entrepreneurship and business incubation
Carmel Theuma
Eman Mifsud

Centre for Labour Studies
Maria Azzopardi
Gabriella Calamatta

Centre for Liberal arts and sciences
Mark Borg

Euro-meditteranean centre for educational research
Terry Duca
Andrew Pisani

Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine
Neville Decelis

International School for Foundation Studies
Maxim Georgievich Nikitin (Humanities and Commerce)

The Edward De Bono Institute for the Design and Development of Thinking
Analise Sammut

School of Performing Arts
Elizabeth Borg Cardona
Francesca Zammit