The aim of this year’s Culture and Entertainment office is that of keeping up the high standards set in previous years whilst constantly seeking to improve on such work. This will be achieved by continuing to organize high quality events for both cultural and entertainment purposes with a fresh and innovative approach ensuring that students experience their University years to the full.

This year we plan on re-opening and expanding the two working groups which have been established in the previous year; The Organizations Forum and the Cultural Sub-Committee. While the Organizations Forum seeks better collaboration between KSU and all student organizations, the Culture Sub-Committee ensures better representation of the arts and student artists both on and off campus. Through the Organizations Forum we are planning on working in close contact with several organizations for the several events to come.

In addition to these working groups, The KSU Culture and Entertainment office shall also work towards bettering its annual events such as Campus Fest, Graduation Ball, Students Fest and others. It shall also add a new array of events to its Calendar such as the KSU Festa Kampus and a ‘Gozo Day’, which seek to bring University students together in the summer months. Another pioneer event scheduled to take place this year is the KSU Drive-in Cinema, a project which will inevitably involve a lot of logistical preparation and thought. The event is the first of its kind and will be done in collaboration with the ‘Christmas on Campus’ Initiative, with the intention of raising funds for a number of beneficiaries.

The office also plans on giving focus to the arts by carrying out a number of one-time workshops and talks for students which will deal with a variety of topics and creative skills. Students can also expect future collaborations between KSU and significant entities in the cultural sector within the coming year.

The office will also, once again work hand in hand with MUSC and other sports related organizations to organize a number of sports events and initiatives on Campus. Such initiatives include working on establishing a University swim team, purchasing sports equipment to be used on Campus, and continuing work on the Futsal Team that has been established by the organizations.

Finally, The Culture and Entertainment office will also ensure to collaborate with KSJC, the Junior college student council, to maintain the positive relationship between the two councils as well as to create a constant flow of assistance and communication between Junior college students and KSU.

Matthew John Dougall | Celine Bartolo