The Kunsill Studenti Universitarji Social Policy Commission, also known as KPS (Kummissjoni Politika Soċjali), governs the political, social and economic spheres of human interaction - issuing policies to guide decisions and achieve a desired outcome. Policies are adopted by the KSU Executive and generally implemented as a procedure. The Social Policy Office also brings together all student organisations on and off Campus. Annual events, such as the Careers’ Convention and KE/KPS Seminars, are noteworthy examples of our absolute commitment to keep abreast of the socio-political trends and developments, implementing reform when necessary.

This year's Social Policy Office will strive to increase not only student organisations’ input in general, but will also work tirelessly towards empowering any individuals who would like to voice any concern or opinion on any issue whatsoever - adopting a more innovative, comparative and methodological style of research in areas such as family & relationships; work, economy & welfare; policy & governance; and health – ultimately, representing a truer picture of the student body. We have also made it our mission to institute a more effective and efficient structure. 

The Social Policy Office will seek to organise a Careers' Convention which covers as many areas as is possible. Keynote presentations, exhibitions, and workshops would provide the necessary impetus for the campaign to be a major success - keeping youth employability as one of the main targets.
KPS will also look into the possibility of organising a number of information campaigns throughout the year, which will include Adoption and Parenthood, Sexual Health and Volunteering.


Petra Grech | Christian Aquilina